How We Rate

How Properties are Rated

Properties are evaluated by measuring the extent of the following items, areas, and services:


  • Facilities: Entrance – Store – Rest Rooms – Roadway/Grounds – Sewage disposal – Hookups (electrical, water, and sewerage) – Sites;
  • Services: Security – Registration – Laundry – Food or Beverage – Firewood;
  • Quality: The quality of the construction of the buildings, equipment, or amenities for use by the consumer while on-site.

Water activities (pool, beach, wading pool, slides, etc.) – Recreation activities (tennis, horseback riding, golf, horseshoes, fishing, play areas, games, motorized activities, etc.) – Recreation – Recreation buildings, games room, recreational programming.

Higher star levels are achieved as Facilities, Services, Quality, Amenities and Recreational activities and services increase.

What the Stars mean
If you are seeking clean comfortable campgrounds without the extras, one star ratings are what you could be looking for.

Two and three star properties offer a mid-range standard of campground facilities or recreation with various services and amenities.

If you want campgrounds offering the greatest range of services, amenities, recreation or facilities, the four and five star campgrounds are the more appropriate choice.

In general, the more stars, the greater the range of facilities, services, recreation, amenities, and the higher the quality of those facilities.

For more information on the Program
Canadian campground owners who wish more information about the Camping Select program, or wish to have their campground assessed for a Camping Select rating, please contact the provincial campground association for your area:

British Columbia Quebec
Alberta New Brunswick
Saskatchewan Nova Scotia
Manitoba Prince Edward Island
Ontario Newfoundland & Labrador